Your Retirement Years Podcast – Episode 6

Your Retirement Years With Phil Usher

Private aged care specialist and Founder of Odyssey Private Aged Care, Phil Usher, is joined by a variety of guest speakers to discuss the aged care landscape in Australia. In particular the various episodes of Your Retirement Years discusses the changes that are underway in the retirement and aged care sector.


Episode 6

In this week’s episode, we address the new look of what retirement villages will encompass in the future, breaking down the stereotypes and negative connotations surrounding the ‘traditional & standard’ retirement villages. A fresh perspective is provided on the underlying motives for the upcoming demographic of retirees, including the need to satisfy the itch and deliver to the undersupplied market. Further scrutiny of the importance of social and companionship elements within the community space is discussed, to pinpoint how the modern take of aged care has shifted the mindset of retirees to make that big step to move into the community.